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The School readiness, Early intervention, Learning, and Fitness lab, and Dr. Graziano, provide several opportunities/avenues for training geared towards students, teachers, and mental health professionals.

  • Students

    Members of our lab have the opportunity to be trained in the following areas:

    • Video Coding (e.g., children’s emotion regulation strategies, attention, parenting strategies, child compliance)
    • Transcribing
    • Data Entry
    • Administering Academic and Achievement Assessments to Preschoolers
    • School Observations
    • Research-Oriented Lab Tasks
    • Participant Screening

    Research Assistants in our lab typically do a 2-semester/10-hour weekly commitment for 3 credit hours. Students are also encouraged to participate in our lab if they are just seeking research experience, without receiving credit.   

    See our contact information tab at the bottom of each page to reach out to us if interested.

    Summer Experience

    For those students who do not have availability during the academic year, we highly encourage you to consider applying for a  position as a counselor or research assistant during our STP-PreK program.

    Counselors can either receive credit or a stipend for their involvement in the STP. Research Assistants have the opportunity to receive credit hours for their time commitment as well.

    If you are interested in applying or finding out more about training opportunities at the Center for Children and Families, please visit Training & Education.

  • Teachers

    Disruptive behavior problems and ADHD represent the most common referral/diagnosis in regular and special education classrooms.
    Yet, teachers in regular classrooms receive limited training on evidence-based strategies to manage such disruptive behavior problems in the classroom.

    Dr. Graziano routinely provides in-service trainings to teachers. In 2018, he provided a 4-hour in-service training at Divine Savior Academy for 50 teachers ranging from prek-3 to 5th grade

    Strategies taught in these workshops include teacher-child interaction therapy (TCIT) which adapts strategies used in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).

    TCIT strategies focus on enhancing the teacher-child relationship, increasing teacher attention to positive behaviors and decreasing attention to negative attention seeking behaviors.

    Other classroom behavioral strategies taught include setting up the classroom for success as well as the use of classroom wide contingency systems.

    Dr. Graziano also helps teachers learn how to set up effective daily report cards as home-school communication is critical towards helping improve children’s classroom functioning.

    Please contact Dr. Graziano directly if you are interested in these services. 
  • Mental Health Professionals

    Dr. Graziano is the practicum supervisor for FIU's Professional Mental Health Counseling Program. He oversees a year long practicum training therapists on Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). Dr. Graziano is also a qualified supervisor and is available to supervise registered interns. For more information, please contact him directly. He is also part of the Motivational Interviewing Networks of Trainers (MINT):

    Email: Dr. Graziano

    Students Trained in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

    Florida International University Students

    Rosmary Ros (2014) 

    Sara Asher (2014) 

    Giovanna Basmagi (2014) 

    Maria Camila Quintero (2014) 

    Natalia Guzman (2014) 

    Yessenia Alvarez (2015) 

    Alexis Garcia (2015) 

    Nicole Noyola (2015) 

    Della Gregg (2015) 

    Melissa Hernandez (2016) 

    Aileen Herrera (2016) 

    Andre Maharaj (2016) 

    Rachel Tenenbaum (2016) 

    Taylor Landis (2016) 

    Amanda Ley (2016) 

    Katherine Zambrana (2016) 

    Rebecca Arroyo (2017) 

    Monica Escobar (2017) 

    Maria Eliana Couch (2017) 

    Williana Magloire (2017) 

    Lissandra Sotolongo (2017) 

    Marlo Shumway (2018) 

    Shanorah Alexandre (2018) 

    Johanna Dominguez (2018) 

    Sarah Gearhart (2018) 

    Courtney Greenidge (2019) 

    Akira Gutierrez (2019) 

    Kellcee Jacklin (2019) 

    Aileen Valdez (2019) 

    Cassandra Cardenas (2019) 

    Jessica Mizrahi (2020) 

    Ibel Galvez (2020) 

    Giovanna Shaffer (2020) 

    Andres Castro (2020) 

    Rachel Warman (2020) 

    Natalia Beltran (2020) 

    Orianna Torres (2020) 

    Karina Moenk (2020)

    Madeline Curzon (2021)

    Edith Gonzalez (2021)

    Catherine Uribazo (2021)

    Victoria Quintanilla (2021)

    Samantha Angulo (2022)

    Gabrielle Pinon (2022)

    James Ceil (2022)

    Community Mental Health Professionals 

    Vanessa Ramirez (2017) 

    Lyndia Jacques (2017) 

    Stephanie Padro (2017) 

    Muriel Ayala (2017) 

    Nadly Moline (2018) 

    Sylvia Dowers (2019) 

    Shana Cox (2019) 

    Ashley Howell (2019) 

    Romy Drom (2019) 

    Martha Garner (2019) 

    Johane Cothiere (2019) 

    Cathiana Torres (2019) 

    Michaelle Sylveus (2019) 

    Franchesca Ali (2020) 

    Ireysis Ramos Garcia (2020) 

    Antonia Jefferson (2020) 

    Carrie Ellis (2021)

    Former/ Current Registered Interns

    Yessenia Alvarez (2017-2018)

    Nicole Noyola (2017-2018)

    Michaelle Sylveus (2019)

    Lissandra Sotolongo (2019-2021)

    Maria Eliana Couch (2019-2021)

    Kellcee Jacklin (2021)

    Orianna Torres (2022-present)

    Karina Moenck (2022-present)