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Meet Our Members

Paulo Graziano, Ph.D.

paulo_headshot.jpg          paulo-family.jpg 

Lab Director; Associate Professor.

IES Postdoctoral Fellow, Florida International University, Miami, FL
Pediatrics/Clinical Child Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
M.A., Clinical Psychology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
B.S., Psychology (Major), Sociology (Minor), University of Central Florida

As the director of the S.E.L.F.-Regulation Lab, Dr. Graziano’s research focuses on the role of children’s self-regulation as it pertains to School Readiness, Early Intervention, Learning, and Fitness (S.E.L.F.).  He is particularly interested in how parental and environmental factors (e.g., teachers/classroom) may influence or moderate the impact of regulatory processes on adaptive functioning outcomes. Special emphasis on the role of physiological (i.e., RSA suppression) and neurocognitive processes in the development of psychopathology (emphasis on disruptive behavior disorders) as well as pediatric obesity. A large portion of his research focuses on developing and examining early interventions (e.g., behavioral parent training, summer programs) that can target children’s self-regulation skills and subsequent adaptive and health related outcomes.  Dr. Graziano has authored or co-authored a number of papers and his work has been supported by both federal grants (e.g., NIMH, NIDDK, Institute of Education Sciences) and local agencies (e.g., The Children’s Trust).

Fun Fact: Dr. Graziano enjoys traveling with his wife, playing golf and is a proud father of two daughters (ages 8 and 10) and a son (9 months).

Curriculum Vitae

Current Doctoral Students

Melissa Hernandez


3nd Year Doctoral Student 

Masters Thesis: Individual differences in germ spreading behaviors among children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: The role of executive function

Education: University of Florida, B.S. in Psychology (major) and Health Disparities in Society (Minor), and Florida International University, M.S. in Psychology Mental Health Counseling 

Fun Fact: I love to travel and try new foods.

Madeline Curzon


2nd Year Doctoral Student

Education: Northwestern University - BA in Psychology; DePaul University - MS in Psychology  

Research Interests: Emotional regulation, stress management, and health behaviors among children with ADHD and their families.  

Fun Fact: I love to bake desserts and cats are my favorite animal.

Dr. Graziano will be taking a doctoral student for the 2023-2024 school year. Feel free to apply now! Click here for program information and application.

Research Staff


Luisa Bermeo


Project Coordinator

Education: Florida International University, B.S. in Biology and Natural & Applied Sciences (Major) and Psychology (Minor).

Fun Fact: I love to paint.

Samantha Angulo 


Research Assistant

Education: Florida International University, B.A. in Psychology (Major) and Business (Minor) 

Research Interests: Early intervention and emotional regulation in children with ADHD and other externalizing behaviors. 

Fun Fact: I went to school internationally, graduating high school in Colombia. 

Undergraduate Research Assistants


Alin Gurdikyan

Education: Florida International University, Sophomore Psychology student with an I/O track 

Fun Fact: I played volleyball for ten years. In fact, I won the beauty contest in the Armenian Olympics while playing as the youngest player.

Anabella Fernandez

Education: Florida International University, Junior  Psychology student with a Behavior Analysis track

Fun Fact: Growing up, instead of children's storybooks, my mom used to read me the Harry Potter series before bed.


Danielle Companioni

Education: Florida International University, B.A. in Psychology

Fun Fact:  I've been to Spain, France, and Italy over the course of one week when I was fourteen years old


Isabel Delgado

Education: Florida International University, Junior Psychology Student minoring in Criminal Justice 

Fun Fact: I work in a pediatric care center and that made me want to work with children in Psychology.

Jada Chai

Education: Florida International University, Sophmore Psychology student (major) and Communication Studies (Minor) 

Fun Fact: I grew up in Jamaica and studied French for four years!

Jessica Harding

Education: Florida International University, Junior Behavioral Neuroscience student

Fun Fact: My future dream is to travel around the world and visit as many places as possible.


Kaylah Belizaire  

Education: Florida International University, Senior Psychology student 

Fun Fact:  I love shopping


Melany Garcia

Education: Florida International University, Junior Behavioral Neuroscience student

Fun Fact: I have a collection of neuroscience books and love a good puzzle!

Sebastian Parra

Education: Florida International University, Junior Psychology student 

Fun Fact:  I love soccer and freestyle battles in Spanish


  • Lab Alumni
    Graduate Students


    Taylor Landis, Ph.D. (2022) Texas Children's Hospital


    Jennifer Coto, Ph.D. (2020) Assistant Professor, Department of Otolaryngology at Children’s Hearing Program, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine


    Alexis Garcia, Ph.D. (2020) Assistant Professor, Director of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Clinic at Medical University of South Carolina


    Rosmary Ros, Ph.D. (2019) Assistant Professor (tenure track), Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, Medical University of South Carolina

    Former Post-doctoral Students


    Jamie Spiegel, Ph.D. (2020) Tenure Track Faculty at University of Alabama - Director of REACH Lab


    Andre Maharaj, Ph.D. (2018-2019) Co-Director, Center for Social Development and Education, Graduate Program Director - Applied Behavior Analysis, University of Massachusetts Boston

    Valentina Tobia, Ph.D. (Summer 2018) Assistant Professor (fixed term researcher), Developmental Psychology, University Vita-Salute San Raffaele

    Notable Past Placements for Former Staff/ Undergraduate Research Assistants

    Aldana Almutairi (Pursing a career as a registered nutritionist)

    Melissa Alonso (Master’s Program in Professional Counseling Psychology, Florida International University)

    Carina Alvarez (PhD Student, School Psychology, University of Virginia)

    Cecily Alvarez (Graduate student, Mental Health Counseling, University of Miami)

    Katherine Aparicio (Master’s Program in Marriage and Family Therapy, University of Miami)

    Nisha Brijmohan (PhD student, Cognitive Neuroscience, Florida International University)

    Andrea Bueno (Graduate student, Mental Health Counseling, Appalachian State University)

    Maria Cordero (Dentistry Program, New York University)

    Cassie Corley (Nursing Program, Florida International University)

    Sahara Defeo (Master’s Program in Professional Counseling Psychology, Florida International University)

    Johanna Dominguez (pursuing career in mental health counseling)

    Sarah Gearhart (pursuing career in mental health counseling)

    David Gomez (Medical Student, College of Medicine, Florida International University)

    Katherine Gonzalez (Graduate student - University of Miami)

    Della Gregg, M.S. (Professional Mental Health Counseling, Florida International University)

    Williana Magloire (PsyD Student, Clinical Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology)

    Arielle Marcus (Master’s Program in Speech-Language Pathology, University of Florida)

    Jennifer Melo (PhD Student, Clinical Psychology, NOVA University)

    Lucybel Mendez (PhD Student, Clinical Psychology, University of Utah)

    Karina Moenck (Graduate Student - Florida International University)

    Paola Mondino, MDes (Interior Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design)

    Stephanie Munio (PsyD Student, Clinical Psychology, La Salle University)

    Carmen Ortega (Law Student, College of Law, Florida International University)

    Ana Rondon, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology, University of Alabama) 

    Katrina Rosiak (Medical Student, Edward Via College of Medicine)

    Kayla Sanchez, M.S. (Professional Mental Health Counseling, Florida International University)

    Carlos Sanchez (Graduate Student - Clinical Psychology at Texas Tech University)

    Lissandra Sotolongo (Graduate Student - Mental Health Counseling, Florida International University)

    Sarah Suarez (Master’s Program in Mental Health, University of Central Florida)

    Rosa Uriart (Master’s Program in Professional Counseling Psychology, Florida International University)

    Aileen Valdez (Graduate Student, Mental Health Counseling, Florida International University)

    Valerie Valledor (Graduate student - Eastern Michigan)

    Samantha Vaquerano, M.S. (Speech-Language Pathology, Florida International University)